Rules of the Race

The rules found in the Competitive Rule Book (Supplement for YOUTH RULES) will be enforced at this event. Please review these rules with your racer so they are prepared for race day.  If you have any questions prior to the event, please email Logan Hall. If you have a question or a complaint during the event, ask a volunteer to put you in touch with Logan Hall, the Race Director.  All decisions by the Race Director are final.

Race Day Morning

We recommend you arrive between 6:30 AM – 7:00 AM.  After you arrive,

  • Pick up your race packet (if you did not pick it up the day before). You must have your packet to be allowed entry into the transition area.
  • Get your bike set up in transition.  You must have a bike helmet to compete in the race.  Leave this in the transition area.
  • Pick up your timing chip and put it on your ankle.  Parents, make sure this is turned in at the end of the race.
  • Get “body marked” with your race number and age.
  • Walk into the pool area and see where you will exit the pool.  Walk from this exit to your bike so you remember where it is. Make sure you know where you will exit transition on the bike and on the run.

You are ready to race!  The transition will close at 7:45 sharp.  Once it is closed, you will only be allowed to enter or exit during the race.  Non-participants are not allowed in transition until the last participant has left transition onto the run course.


The Transition area is where you make the “transition” from the swim to the bike and from the bike to the run. This is where you will keep your gear for the changeover between sports. 

  • You may park your bike anywhere you like, it’s first-come first-serve!
  • Parents will be allowed in the transition area before and after the race to help their child set up. Once transition closes (7:45 AM), parents will not be allowed into the transition area until all participants are through transition and onto the run.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Volunteers will be available to assist children that might need help finding their spot, putting their dry shoes on their wet feet, etc. 
  • Space is limited inside the transition area. Please use as little space as is necessary when setting up your things. Volunteers reserve the right to move athlete gear to help create spots for other competitors should the need arise. 
  • After the swim, athletes will enter the transition area at the entrance closest to the pool. Go to your spot, put your shoes on, buckle your helmet, and walk/run your bike to the other end (bike exit) of the transition area. No riding your bicycles in the transition area. 
  • There will be a bike mount/dismount line where you can get on your bike. When you finish the bike course, you will get off your bike at this line and walk/run your bike back to your spot. Remove your helmet and run out the other end (where the Run Out sign is). 

Bike Check-Up & Assistance

A mechanic will be available, compliments of The Ride, should you have any mechanical issues that arise before or during the race. Please come prepared with your bike in good working condition, as the mechanic’s time will be limited to very minor repairs. 

These good people are giving their time to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time, so treat them with kindness!  


The safety of our athletes and volunteers is our primary concern. In the event of inclement weather, it is our goal to have the race if possible.  The Race Director will monitor weather conditions closely and make any decisions regarding the weather on the morning of the event.   Wet conditions can increase the risk of injury and parents should exercise judgment based on the abilities of their child, should the race go on in wet conditions. In the case of severe weather, the Race Director will make the final decision whether to delay or stop the event and whether to cancel the event.

Weather updates can be found on our website and our Facebook Page “Conway Kids Triathlon.”

The event will NOT be canceled or postponed due to rain alone.  The race could be delayed under the following circumstances: Lightning, Wind/Heavy Rains, Tornado Watch/Warning.  If there is lightning- the event will be postponed by 30 minutes. If lightning is closer than 6 miles away at 8:00 AM using the Flash to Bang method, or if there is a tornado warning at that time, then the race start will be postponed by 30 minutes. The Race Director will be in communication with law enforcement officials to determine the safety of the course and the weather conditions.  Watch the website and Facebook page for updated information.

If it is determined that the bike portion of the race would be unsafe due to wet roads, then the race could be changed to a swim-run duathlon. Athletes will be informed of such a change via the website and Facebook page.

PACKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION. We regret that no refunds may be issued for weather-related cancellations as well.

Bottom line:  We are planning for a great, safe Conway Kids’ Triathlon!  Watch our website and Facebook page to stay updated if the weather is inclement.  Thank you for racing with us!